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Hi, I am Ashley Moore. I am the founder of Moorescent Candles Company. I have always had a passion for the creation of candle making. When I had my daughter in 2015, I came across an article about soot.  There was also a picture of it in an infant's nose. From there I started to research the ingredients in the candle. That day I made it my duty to create a healthy burning candle for my household at least then I asked why to stop there let's take it further. With my two children with pets in mind, I had to get to work. I wanted to make sure to create products that were delicate enough for every household but, still able to enjoy our lovely scents.

I decided that soy wax, vegan wooden wicks, and phthalate-free Scents were the best way to go. Knowing I wanted to use all-natural products, I also thought it was best to partner with a nonprofit organization that gave back to our community. I decided to partner with One Tree Planted. This organization helps with deforestation. Every candle purchased from our clients plants one tree in one of many national forests here in the USA. I am proud to share this amazing opportunity with an amazing organization. 


Committed to Quality

The quality of the candles we provide our customers is very important to us. Our natural soy wax is grown in US soil, and our wood is sourced from FSC certified mills. We promise to stay eco-friendly and to keep our customers safe from harmful chemicals.

About Our Soothing Scents

Our scents are carefully chosen to ensure our candles are phthalate and paraffin-free. We want our scents to rekindle those happy memories. My absolute favorite scent and it is also our top seller...pineapple sage. This scent is based on sage and sugar, with middle notes of green leaves, Anise, palm and topped with a slice of pineapple giving you the perfect tropical blend. We are working on creating sample packages for those who want to purchase more than one scent.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Moore Scents has and will continue to study the science of candle making. We measure each batch carefully. Our wood wick gives you a soft crackling ambiance and a unique shape flame. Candles will always burn making sure no wax is wasted. Doing all of this gives your candle a healthy last night burn.

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